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Imagine walking into the studio being treated like you already won that grammy! Everything you need or can request for your comfortability in the studio is available with this VIP membership. The vibes are just as important as the production! When you feel good, you sound good! Your confidence reflects your work ethic and sound. Believe us when we say we KNOW these things. Being artists and working in this industry as long as we have you learn a thing or two. Being an independent artist (or supporting one) costs money and with these membership options you can finally save for those extra expenses like promotion, instruments, and more things you may need along the road. By providing the absolute most accommodating environment possible we know the final product will be EPIC! This is honestly the most amazing option for any artist trying to work, save and thrive! (Ask about our bonus features and accommodations)

About AFGM Media Group

AFGM Media Group is a publishing company located in Madison, Wisconsin. AFGM offers professional music production and distribution services to clients all around the world.

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AFGM Media offers self-service booking to VIP members. VIP Members get first access to the studios and facility amenities. Come and go as your please and book when you want.

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What people are saying about afgm

Alec Penn

If you are sick of spending time, and money to see nothing in return for your investment then Chaos New Money is the man to see! Professional audio quality mixed with music business insider knowledge. AFGM is one step above any other music studio in the Madison area.

Andy Killerlain

Best studio in the city. Great space and professional quality and service

Deadbeat Wiso Elyon

Great professional studio i highly advise u record here